Equip Classes

Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am for Equip Classes as we await building repairs.
For January 15 - February 12, we have planned a number of larger classes on a variety of topics.
CBC Kids will have groups available for ages Nursery - 5th grade at both 9:00 am and 10:30 am.
Please check in at the CBC Kids Desk in the foyer just outside of Connections.
Students will meet for Connect Groups at 9:00 am in Rooms 107 - 111.
Please access these rooms through the hallway off the Chapel Foyer, alongside the Fellowship Hall.

Fear of Man

Fellowship Hall and Room 103 for the Chinese Connect Group
Do you struggle with what the Bible calls Fear of Man? Call it what you like—reputation, peer pressure, people-pleasing, codependency—many of us are controlled by other people in ways that are unhealthy. Join us as we consider both the sickness of and remedy for the Fear of Man. Facilitated by Larry Brickwedde, Mark Hillis, and Frank Strickland.
Chinese Group facilitated by Mark So.
A limited number of books will be available in class for $13.00, or you can purchase a copy here.
Jan 15 - What is the Fear of Man?
Jan 22 - What is the Fear of God?
Jan 29 - Fear of Exposure, Rejection, and Harm
Feb 5 - What do we Need?
Feb 12 - The Bible’s Answer to Self-Esteem/ A New Vision for Life:  Loving & Serving, Not Fearing & Needing

Spiritual Disciplines

Do you need an espresso shot of spiritual encouragement to get you ready for a new year? Growth requires spirit-fueled effort. Join us as we consider biblical teaching and practical counsel on Scripture Reading, Prayer, Stewardship, Evangelism, and Serving. Facilitated by Chris Allan, Hank Bailey, Bill Hatcher, Frank Pablo and Philippe Prosper.
Books will be available in class for $13.00, or you can purchase a copy here.
Jan 15 - Scripture Reading (Ch. 2 and 3/ see also Praying the Bible)
Jan 22 - Prayer (Ch. 4)
Jan 29 - Stewardship (Ch. 8)/ Corporate Worship (Ch. 5)
Feb 5 - Evangelism (Ch. 6)
Feb 12 - Serving (Ch. 7)

The Stories Behind Our Hymns

The Nook – in Connections
Do you love hymns? Would you like to learn more about the hymns we sing at CBC, get an opportunity to sing the hymns you learn about, and get a preview of one hymn we will sing in corporate worship later that morning? This class is for you. Facilitated by Ed Fruit and Bob Gitschier.
Jan 15 - Oh the Deep, Deep, Love of Jesus
Jan 22 - It is Well with My Soul
Jan 29 - Lead on O King Eternal
Feb 5 - King of Love
Feb 12 - Crown Him with Many Crowns

A Study in Psalms

Room 149
Psalms is one of the most dearly loved books in the Bible, and is a great treasure to the people of God. Join us as we go through a different type of psalm each Sunday to remind us of how the Psalms point us to Christ.
Facilitated by Johnny Armstrong, Arthur Keeley, Jim Lewis and Tim White.
Jan 15 - Introduction to Psalms: Wisdom (Psalms 1 and 2)
Jan 22 - Praise (Psalm 8)
Jan 29 - Lament (Psalm 13)
Feb 5 - Royal (Psalm 110)
Feb 12 - Song of Ascent (Psalm 122)