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Lead Pastor Search Team

Overview:  The pastoral search team is nominated by the elders and affirmed by vote from the member body. After interviewing and vetting candidates, the pastoral search team will nominate a candidate to the body of elders, who will then present the candidate to the congregation. Members of CBC will then vote to affirm the candidate. Throughout the process, the pastoral search team and elder body will deliberate and evaluate candidates in accordance with biblical principles (1 Peter 5:1-4; 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9), accounting for congregational needs.
  1.  The pastoral search team is nominated and affirmed by the church. The current search team is composed of four elders and seven lay members.  
  2.  The pastoral search team drafts materials for the interview process, including a job announcement, initial screening questions, and in-depth interview questions.  
  3.  The job announcement will be posted in early November, and applications will be accepted until December 31. Applicants will be asked to submit a resume and answer a series of open-response screening questions to provide initial insight on their qualifications, theology, and pastoral experience. Applicants will be sought via CBC’s existing networks. 
  4.  Successful applicants will complete a more detailed questionnaire and are invited for in-depth interviews
  5.  The search teams top candidate or candidates will be invited to CBC for in-person interviews.  
  6.  The pastoral search committee recommends one candidate to the elder body, who will deliberate and approve the candidate.  
  7.  The candidate is presented to the congregation and affirmed by vote from the members during a scheduled Family Meeting. 
A full description of the pastoral search process can be found in the CBC Constitution and Bylaws (Article 3, Section 3). Any feedback or questions can be submitted to the lead pastor search team. 
Liz Ashby
Joe Brown
Dan Chapa
Suhua Chen
Jeff Coward, Chair
Ed Fruit, Elder
Mark Hillis
Kay Lewis
Carolette Melbourne
Aubrey Ralph
Kim Wood