CBC is elder-led.  We have a body of elders that oversee the overall direction of the church.  
Their job is to keep us pointed toward our mission, to keep us in line with God's Word,
and to ensure that the church body is pastored and cared for.  
The elders work to provide the broad direction forward into the future.

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Chris Allan

Johnny Armstrong

Outreach Team
Outreach Team

Hank Bailey

Jeff Coward

Shepherding Team
Outreach Team

Gavin Davis,
Worship Pastor

Shepherding Team

Ed Fruit,
Vice Chariman

Executive & Operations Teams

Bob Gitschier

Shepherding Team

Bill Hatcher,
Congregational Care Pastor

Shepherding Team

Mark Hillis,
Executive Pastor

Arthur Keeley,
Community Life Pastor

Operations Team
Shepherding Team

Patrick Melbourne

Outreach Team

Aaron Nichols,
Teaching & Outreach Pastor

Outreach Team

Domenic Sanza,

Executive & Operations Team

Tim White,

Executive Team