Students in grades 6-12, join us on Sunday nights from 6:30-8:00 pm for Highlight. Everyone is welcome and we can’t wait to meet you! On this page, you will find more information about what to expect when joining us at Highlight.

What to Expect

Fun & Games: At Highlight you can expect to have some fun! It's easy to feel overwhelmed with all the stress that comes with being a teen, so we want to make sure you have a space to exhale, hang out with friends, play games, laugh, and just be yourself.

Worship: At Highlight you can expect a powerful time of worship!  There are so many things in our world that are vying for our attention and focus that unfortunately only end up leaving us wanting and longing for more. We believe God is worthy of our worship as it is in Him that we find true satisfaction and meaning to our lives.

A Message from God's Word: At Highlight you can expect to hear a message that is Biblically-centered and relevant to your everyday life. It can be tough trying to navigate all that comes your way in life. There are a lot of difficult times and choices to make so we want to share with you the timeless truths found in God's Word that can help you live your life to the fullest.

The Highlight Culture (Core Values)

When we meet together for Highlight, time is limited. Here are a few principles that guide our time and help us make the most of it!

I. We are family (no one sits alone).
Whoever you are, wherever you are from, you are welcome here!

II. We are worshippers.  
We were created to worship God and give glory to him. When we gather for Highlight, we are committed to making Christ the focus of our time.

III. We are present (phones away and Bibles open).
We have limited time to meet each week, but we can make the most of it! Highlight can serve as a great opportunity for students to unplug from their phones. Each week we will dive into God’s Word. Don’t have a copy at home? Feel free to take a Bible home with you tonight.

IV. We are notetakers.  
As we dive into the Bible together this evening, we’d encourage you to take some notes! This can be helpful for remembering what we have talked about and how you can live it out this week.

V. We are on mission together.  
As we leave Highlight and enter a new week, we are committed to praying for, caring for, and sharing the gospel with those who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

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